Evangelism Today

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(Episode: 14)
Featuring: Emilio Ramos | Ryan Musslemann

After the pandemic of 2020, evangelism became more challenging than ever in America. People wanted to keep their distance, and were not so excited to receive a gospel track, and they were not willing to congregate in groups- all challenges to conversing with people about the gospel. With the pandemic seemingly behind us, we need to discuss evangelism today. Emilio and Ryan discuss essential aspects of biblical evangelism, and current challenges we will face in sharing the gospel, including what precisely makes a Biblical gospel message, how to share the gospel effectively in these times, and what are some dangers, misconceptions, and hurdles to evangelism. Few things are more important than sharing the gospel with lost sinners faithfully, biblically, and in a way that will glorify God. Listen and Subscribe today and don’t miss an episode, also share and enjoy!