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We covet your prayers as we endeavor to develop a God-centered ministry that exists for the sole purpose of producing Christ-centered and Bible-saturated material from a distinctly Reformed perspective. Please pray for continued strength and wisdom for everyone presently serving and contributing to Red Grace Media. An expressed distinction of Reformed Theology is that all things be done for the glory of God, Soli Deo Gloria

Speaker request

Please consider partnering with us by hosting pastor Emilio Ramos for your next conference or church event. In addition to general topics on theology and apologetics, we highly recommend our new ministry focus: Apologetics and AI ! This is a unique teaching series designed to equip your church to face the challenges of the future with the time tested truth of biblical theology.

Learn the key facts, the key proponents and the unprecedented challenge that AI and transhumanism presents to the church and how to respond biblically.

Partner with us today! Speaker Request Form here.  


We desire to produce solid conference events both local and virtual to equip the body of Christ on substantive theological and cultural issues. Stay tuned and stay connected.


Stay informed on future films, media projects, and how you could partner with us to spread the word and help us reach the church and the culture for Christ. 

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Please take advantage of the different programs from Red Grace Media and share them with your friends and family. Whether our Christ and Kingdom podcast, are YouTube videos such as Christ and Kingdom TV, The New Apologetics, or our written materials on the blog, some of which serve as a wonderful resource for personal or group studies (complete with questions for group discussions and personal reflection). Following and sharing our content is a great way for you to partner with us in spreading the word about Red Grace Media today.


We hope to have financial partnerships soon. We all know media production costs are expensive (editing, software, equipment, travel, etc). We desire to continue producing and disseminating solid theological content in the furtherance of the gospel. Our desire for the near future is to produce a series of films and documentaries that touch on critical issues both in terms of the Church and the culture. Stay tuned.