About Us

RGM is a God-centered ministry that is designed to make Biblical truth accessible and informative on a wide range of issues. Redgracemedia.com is the celebration of the redemptive grace of God in Jesus Christ as it unfolds in the pages of Scripture.  RGM is driven by a passion to exalt in the Christ-centeredness of Scripture and upholds the truth that the whole Bible both Old and New Testaments are Christian Scripture (Luke 24:2744).

RGM operates under three headings, Evangelical, Evangelistic, & Reformed. Each of these headings say something about what RGM is. 

We are Evangelical in that we are unapologetically gospel-centered and Bible-driven. 

We are Evangelistic in that our passion is to spread a particular evangelistic passion throughout the church in obedience to the great commission. 

We are Reformed in that we adhere to the central tenets of Reformed theology and believe that only Reformed theology can best represent true Christianity in a post-Christian, anti-doctrinal, anti-ecclesiastical, and post-modern church and culture.

Statements of Faith

We are in general agreement with the historical reformed confessions found both in the Westminister and London Baptist Confession of Faith.