AI Utopia or Tech Tyranny, the Church in the ‘Futre’

Just check you google news and if you have a history of researching AI, the Google bots will send you endless stories on the development of all things Futurism and artificial intelligence. Of course, most of us are all but done hearing about AI this and Chat GPT this, but our society, let alone the global order, is not slowing down any time soon. Many AI enthusiasts and globalist thinkers are promising a golden age of technological wonder, but are we heading toward a Utopian Singularity or a hellscape of digital dehumanization? Believe it or not, these tech developments have everything to do with Biblical Theology! We will discuss the issues in this episode of Red Grace Live. This will be one that you want to share. Also help our channel by subscribing and smash the notification button! Enjoy the program.

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