The Reformed Path: Reformed Trinitarianism

In recent years the doctrine of God has become a hotly studied and hotly debated doctrine. There simply is no more important doctrine than the doctrine of the triune God. In this episode Red Grace Live, Emilio Ramos will begin to expound on the “Reformed Path of Theology.” This path includes Reformed Trinitarianism, Federalism, Biblical Theology, Apologetics and Eschatology. This a comprehensive, cohesive and consistently Reformed approach to theology. Much of what is happening today in the Christian Church by way of theology is disjointed, diluted and compromised by various species of pagan, semi-pelagian, modernist and Roman Catholic thought. From Thomism to Barthian conceptions to inconsistent and unbiblical approaches to covenant theology that touch on the law and gospel distinction and the all-important Reformed understanding of eschatology and apologetics; we hope that the Reformed Path will serve as a good guide and paradigm for a more consistent Christian theology for the Church today. Subscribe and share!

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