Will You Get Implantable Technology?

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Episode: 19
Featuring: Emilio Ramos & Kevin More

Have you really thought about implantable technology? In this episode of Christ and Kingdom, host Emilio Ramos engages with that very daunting and complex issue. Also, longtime friend Kevin More joins the show.

Is it ethical for Christians to get implantable technology in the first place? How much technology is too much? What evidence is there that implantable technology is in our near future? Exactly how far are we from a large-scale application of such technology today? Why is the Church ignoring such unprecedented technology? These questions can be daunting, and controversial but we must form answers to these questions now before world-shaping and time-accelerating events bring this technology to our doorstep. This is a cultural development we cannot ignore and we certainly cannot be ignorant of how the biblical worldview informs us with regard to such important questions such as these.

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